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Outpatient Center for Integrative Medicine in Bad Mergentheim | Hufeland-Klinik

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Ambulant therapy

Outpatient Center for Integrative Medicine

The Outpatient Clinic for Integrative Medicine at the Hufeland Klinik Bad Mergentheim is a supra-regional center for patients seeking holistic clarification and therapy of their illness.

The outpatient clinic focuses on diagnosing and treating patients with chronic internal diseases, but also with orthopedic and neurological problems.

The holistic consultation and treatment of patients with tumor diseases or abnormal blood values is carried out by an experienced internist. One focus is the inclusion of complementary therapies in conventional medical treatment under aspects of better tolerability and sustainable effectiveness.

Outpatient examinations

  • Physical internal, neurological, orthopedic and urological examinations
  • Ultrasound thyroid, carotids, pleura, abdomen and soft tissues
  • Advanced laboratory tests (including evaluation of immune and intestinal function, vitamin balance, etc.)
  • ECG and lung function
  • Bone marrow punctures and ascites punctures

The patient's complaints are recorded within the framework of holistic anamnesis discussions under biographical, homeopathic and anthroposophical aspects. After a thorough physical examination, a diagnosis is often already made; in individual cases, an extended apparative diagnosis is also carried out. This then leads to the holistic therapeutic steps, which are individually coordinated with the patient.

The therapy is intended to bring about lasting improvements in the symptoms and is tailored to the individual. It is an individualized therapy, in which the patient also contributes many aspects himself, e.g. by changing his diet or changing his exercise behavior.

The following therapy modules can be used regularly on an outpatient basis in the Outpatient Clinic for Integrative Medicine:

  • Infusion therapy

  • local and moderate whole-body hyperthermia

  • homeopathic and anthroposophic therapy

  • classical chemotherapy after consultation

  • blood transfusions, bisphosphonate and hormone therapy

  • mistletoe therapy

  • leech therapy

  • acupuncture

  • instruction in yoga and meditation within the framework of individual patient training courses

  • physical therapies.

Another focus is preventive medicine: check-ups are performed (including internal examination, laboratory tests, ultrasound of the abdomen, thyroid and soft tissues, skin screening, ECG and lung function). If deficiencies are detected, nutritional counseling and, if necessary, a coordinated infusion therapy are provided. Physiotherapy, yoga, art therapy and psychological counseling round out the services offered by the Outpatient Clinic for Integrative Medicine.

Our ambulatory offers

Infusion treatment

Local and moderate whole-body hyperthermia

Mistletoe therapy

Physical therapies

New beginning

Burnout cure

Colon Hydrotherapy

Short prevention cure

Intensive prevention cure

In which cases is outpatient treatment useful?

It is clear that outpatient treatment cannot be carried out as intensively as inpatient treatment. Therefore, outpatient therapies are suitable for patients who generally want to strengthen their health and improve their immune system (= prevention). And outpatient therapy is also thoroughly recommendable for chronically ill patients with less pronounced symptoms and cancer patients in remission, especially if their place of residence is close to the clinic.


In case of special questions, a telephone information is better than a long letter. Therefore, please call us if you have special problems or questions. Our doctors will also be happy to help you with medical questions on the phone. The secretary's office is open daily (including weekends) from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. Telephone: +49 7931-536-0.

The outpatient clinic is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 10-15. Due to limited spaces and high demand, we recommend early registration. We look forward to your visit!

Please note: This is a private outpatient clinic, i.e. you will be charged according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (GO√Ą) or fixed price. Billing with statutory health insurance companies is not possible. After the initial consultation, we will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate for the planned therapy measures.

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