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Stimulation of the immune system

At the Hufeland Klinik, we define health as the ability to cope with different stresses. This is a characteristic of a living organism and as such initially independent of existing diagnoses and diseases. Whether a person is able to cope with an illness situation at all and how well he or she ultimately succeeds in doing so depends (in addition to his or her mental and psychological powers) to a large extent on the quality of his or her biological foundations. This includes the numerous functions of different cells and their metabolism, but especially the reaction behavior of the immune system. Now, qualitative characteristics of a system, such as its responsiveness, the quality of communication and regulation in the control circuits, the return to balance or the optimal interaction of immune cells, can only be inadequately recorded with the scientific measurement methods known and used in medicine to date. And yet, as in team sports, in addition to the number and skill of the individual players, it is above all the best possible interaction that is decisive for success, such as the period of time in which an organism can recover and how completely healing ultimately takes place.

In contrast to conventional immunotherapy, in which individual signaling pathways and cell functions are specifically influenced and manipulated in the sense of a desired effect (e.g. growth inhibition), naturopathic immunotherapy, with its non-specific activation and stimulation, aims at the qualitative improvement of the body's defenses as a whole. Today, both approaches find their justified application according to the respective initial situation and can also be successfully combined in many cases - provided the appropriate experience is available.

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