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Prevention is better than cure

"Prevention is better than cure"
The physician Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland (1762-1836)

Many of our naturopathic treatments at the Hufeland Klinik are based on the concepts of Dr. med. Joseph Issels as well as our clinic founder Dr. med. Wolfgang Wöppel. Originally, these were designed for the treatment of oncological as well as chronic inflammatory diseases.

However, as we have discovered over the years, these therapies can also be used very successfully in prevention. Detoxification, metabolic optimization, strengthening and training of the immune system, cell regeneration and renewal not only contribute significantly to an improvement in the presence of a diagnosis, but also play a decisive role in the prevention of disease recurrence or decisively reduce the risk of becoming seriously ill in the first place.

And so, in recent years, more and more people are taking advantage of our holistic prevention program, which is tailored to the individual and his or her specific characteristics. Medically supervised therapeutic fasting ensures thorough cell cleansing and regeneration (metabolic "reset", autophagy), alkaline fasting effectively contributes to detoxification and optimization of the metabolism. In case of stress-related exhaustion, we offer our special "burn-out cure" and for special prophylaxis in case of existing risk factors, we recommend our short or intensive prevention cures. In addition, medically prescribed infusions can increase the success of the preventive measures for each offer. Please do not hesitate to ask us in each individual case whether and which options are possible in your specific case.

Our preventive cures

Preventive cures lasting several days / weeks

Alkaline fasting

Experience a time-out for body, mind and soul. Recharge your batteries, strengthen your immune system and feel good in your skin again.

Buchinger fasting

Fasting according to Dr. Buchinger is a very special experience. For detoxification, regeneration and strengthening of the self-healing powers.

Burnout cure

In the two-week preventive care for burn-out, your physical as well as mental health is strengthened through psychotherapeutic talks and other preventive therapies.

Prevention cure New beginning

With our preventive one-week or multi-week cure you start anew with your health!

Short prevention cure

During the preventive cure lasting several days, your energy reserves are determined and your health is promoted through targeted immunobiological treatments.

Intensive prevention cure

During the holistic intensive prevention cure, which lasts several weeks, an individual health care plan is compiled on the basis of your current immune status.

Preventive treatments as a single application

Infusion treatment

Various infusions are used to achieve a targeted effect on different organs, the immune system or the metabolism.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic irrigation has the effect of promoting and restoring intact intestinal flora and is the ideal complement to other preventive measures.

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