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Alkaline fasting I Strengthen health, vitality and strength | Hufeland-Klinik

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Alkaline fasting

Strengthen health, vitality and strength.

Fasting - the voluntary abstention from food intake for a limited period of time - is one of the most proven methods of maintaining or regaining one's health.

Alkaline fasting involves abstaining from acid-forming foods with the aim of restoring the acid-base balance to a healthy equilibrium. The "normal" dietary system of Western industrialized countries contains a disproportionate amount of acid-forming substances, which the organism can regulate only to a certain extent. Once the buffer reserves are exhausted, the organism can no longer compensate for nutritional sins.

Practical experience with patients and healthy people shows that switching to an alkaline diet has a positive effect on health and well-being. Studies and research document that a diet with a lower acid load can be expected to have many positive effects, especially on bone metabolism, the kidneys, in cases of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

For more information, see our brochure for prevention (PDF germn).

We are the first clinic in Germany to integrate alkaline fasting according to the original Wacker Method® into our holistic therapy concept.

In addition to comprehensive diagnostics, we offer a holistic therapy concept for body, mind and soul with our more than 30 years of experience in naturopathy.

Experience a soothing time-out in our house. Recharge your batteries, strengthen your immune system and feel good in your skin again.

Find the right fasting offer for you here. We will also be happy to advise you in a personal telephone conversation.

Our alkaline fasting offers

Freely selectable basic fasting offers

7 days

from 995 € p.p. in the Classic package

10 days

from 1.395 € p.p. in Classic Package

14 days

from 1.935 € p.p. in Classic Package

Individual duration

from 149 € / night p.p.
from 2 nights

Alkaline fasting for weight loss

4 professionally accompanied fasting weeks:
2 at the Hufeland Clinic
2 at home
Total cost package: from 2,899 € p.p.

Short vacation in Bad Mergentheim

3 overnight stays incl. full board (optional basic fasting/wholefood cuisine)
1x 30-minute massage
1x admission to the game park
1x entrance into the Solymar thermal spring

Package price starting from 475 € p.P.

Consciously take healthy days

Taking healthy days out in hectic everyday life - we often don't manage to do that.

Experience a time-out for body, mind and soul. Recharge your batteries, strengthen your immune system and feel good in your skin again.

Our holistic approach also includes everything organizational. For you this means: arrive and relax, we will take care of everything else.

Alkaline fasting - vegan with focus on fruits & vegetables

Alkaline fasting according to the original Wacker Method® is a particularly mild and gentle form of fasting.

The acid load is reduced by the alkaline-forming foods. This has a positive effect on the entire organism. You gain vitality and lose weight along the way.

The taste experience and variety will inspire you.

Behind the scenes - diagnostics and therapy services

In addition to the classic diagnostic offers, we also offer a large acid-base check.

Our extensive and individually tailored therapy offers - for body, mind and soul - ideally complement the Alkaline Fasting and ensure that your time with us will be particularly valuable for you. You will take many ideas and suggestions home with you.

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Do you have questions about basic fasting with us?

We are looking forward to your inquiry. We are happy to answer all your questions about Alkaline Fasting.

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