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Alkaline fasting for weight loss | Hufeland-Klinik

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Alkaline fasting for weight loss

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Long-term weight loss should be about one thing above all: To lose body fat in a vital substance-rich, healthy and above all long-lasting way. Alkaline fasting uses many foods whose ingredients fuel the metabolism and the burning of body fat. There is no need to count calories or cook according to strict diet plans. Through the four-week program you will find your start into a sustainable weight reduction and dietary change. Your weight loss program is divided into three stages:

  1. Stage = one week of base-rich nutrition at home:
    for this you will receive a written roadmap from us in advance, which will make it easier for you to get started with the change of diet.

  2. Stage = two weeks of alkaline fasting at our house:
    You will be supervised in the group (not a must), receive expert lectures and medical care, suggestions for relaxation techniques, motivation for everyday life and will be spoiled by our creative kitchen with purely alkaline dishes. Here the achievements again in the overview:

    • 14 overnight stays in the Hufeland Clinic with

    • Alkaline full board

    • Medical care

    • Large acid-base check

    • Varied exercise and relaxation offers

    • Expert lectures on the topics of healthy nutrition, acid-base balance, intestinal health, etc.

    • 3 x colon hydrotherapy for intestinal cleansing and regeneration

    • 1x aroma oil massage

    • 1x lymphatic drainage

    • 1x foot reflexology massage

    • 1x classic partial massage

    • 1x cupping massage

  3. Stage = one week of alkaline-rich nutrition at home:
    for this you will again receive a written roadmap from us, which will make it easier for you to integrate the change of diet into your everyday life in a sustainable way. We will be happy to provide you with advice and support during this phase as well.

Total costs package: from 2.899 € p.p.

Alkaline fasting for weight loss

We are looking forward to you

€ per person

All information without guarantee. Binding offer after sending the booking request. Individual extension always possible.

Optional services

Lymphatic drainage 30 min.
45 €
Cupping massage 30 min.
45 €
Classic massage 30 min.
45 €
Foot reflexology massage 30 min.
45 €
Aroma oil massage 60 min.
79 €
Procaine Base Infusion
69 €
Acupuncture 50 min.
55 €
Ozone therapy
95 €

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Why should I fast?

  • Fasting is a very special experience
  • Detached from the daily routine through meals, unimagined space for new things arises
  • The flow of thoughts becomes more conscious
  • The body feeling and awareness is strengthened
  • The self-healing powers are strengthened
  • Regenerating effect on body, mind and soul - besides weight reduction occurs
  • The detoxification processes in the body are stimulated
  • Fasting improves mood and brings energy

Do you have questions about basic fasting with us?

We are looking forward to your inquiry. We are happy to answer all your questions about Alkaline Fasting.

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