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Colon Hydrotherapy

Intestinal flushing to strengthen the intestinal flora.

A healthy intestine is the foundation of the immune system as well as of physical and mental health. Therefore, intestinal health should not be neglected in preventive health care. The colon hydrotherapy (CHT) is a gentle intestinal irrigation, which we offer within the framework of the Hufeland prevention concept as a single application or accompanying our preventive cures.

In addition to colon hydrotherapy, we recommend our prevention programs such as the "New Beginning" program.

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Please note that this colon hydrotherapy is a preventive treatment only and is not designed for patients with existing diseases.

Colon hydrotherapy is a method of therapeutic colonic irrigation. During CHT, the large intestine (colon) is flushed several times with the help of a special apparatus. This flushing effectively removes accumulated and stuck waste, putrefactive substances and blockages.

During colon hydrotherapy, an irrigation tube is inserted into the patient's anal opening. The patient can relax while lying on his side or back. Temperate water is passed through the tube into the colon without pressure. The heat relaxes the intestinal muscles and loosens blockages and stuck waste products. Subsequently, the water with the dissolved substances is discharged again through a closed system. This procedure is repeated several times in a colon hydrotherapy session.

The health of our intestines is crucial for our general well-being. A disturbed intestinal flora can promote susceptibility to infections and result in discomfort. The strong detoxifying effect of colon cleansing can promote or restore an intact intestinal flora (symbiosis). Complementary to intestinal cleansing, it is recommended to eat a healthy, balanced diet, change your diet and exercise a lot to stimulate intestinal function.

Hufeland Colon Hydrotherapy costs 89 euros as a single treatment. As a rule, the costs are not covered by health insurance companies, private insurances and benefit agencies. The patient bears the full cost risk.

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