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Fever Therapy

"Give me the power to create fevers, and I will cure all diseases."
Parmenides, b. c. 520/515 B.C.; d. c. 460/455 B.C.
"Fever is a healing striving of the organism against the disease, it purifies the body like fire."
Hippocrates, 460-377 BC.

These statements are attributed to the well-known great philosophers and physicians of antiquity. The first of the two sentences must certainly be put into perspective from today's point of view. We now know that a system as complex and largely autonomous in its self-healing powers as the human organism can be influenced in detail, but cannot simply be "managed" from the outside with regard to a desired goal such as recovery, remission or healing. Nevertheless, the active treatment of healing fever is still of great importance in the HUFELAND Clinic and represents the most effective method of non-specific stimulation and strengthening of the immune system. A training method for our numerous immunocompetent cells, which can improve the quality of the individual cell, but above all the interaction of the different immune cells. And just as winning the Champions League cannot be forced on a soccer team, the quality of the entire team and its success depends decisively on the training of the individual as well as the teamwork. With regard to diseases, this means that almost every (survived) infection makes the (immune) system stronger, it can react faster and better to infections but also, for example, to tumor foci. This is particularly important in the case of all inflammatory diseases, but also in the case of oncological diseases, since here, in addition to the effectiveness of an often stressful treatment, its tolerability also depends significantly on an intact and well-functioning immune system.

Today, we consider the active healing fever therapy, in which the immune reaction and the fever are triggered by the intravenous administration of two bacterial toxins, as a kind of "immunological reset", a treatment that trains and strengthens the entire immune system, especially in the case of prolonged disease states in which the organism has become accustomed to permanent stress and can no longer counteract it with its full potential.

Contraindications are a too weakened organism, acute infections, as well as in oncological diseases mostly metastases in the bones.

A detailed description of the active treatment of healing fever and its history, written by Dr. med. W. Wöppel, the founder and first medical director of the Hufeland Clinic, can be found under the following link.

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