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About us

Cooperation at all levels

A person can only answer the question about the meaning of life individually and from within himself. And sometimes strokes of fate or illness make us ask this question anew and find our purpose in life. But when we have found it, when we feel what purpose we can serve, we release many forces that can help us to overcome our problems.

We see our task in the practical further development of a future-oriented medicine that strives to place the health of the individual, i.e. his or her natural defenses, his or her reaction and regulation capabilities, as well as his or her self-healing powers, at the center of attention and therapy. In this context, we fundamentally no longer understand illness as a kind of unpleasant and disruptive industrial accident, the consequences of which are to be eliminated by all means. Rather, diseases express a variety of processes that are based on an internal imbalance between life-promoting and life-damaging influences. And this imbalance always includes inseparably all levels of human existence body, psyche (feelings), mind (thinking) as well as its spiritual level.

Those who no longer see their illness or condition as a mere obstacle, a problem, a malfunction or a mistake, or even associate it with their own failure, but rather as the result of a variety of factors, as an indication of possibly necessary changes in their lives, and thus ultimately even as an opportunity for personal development and maturation, usually find that acceptance opens up further helpful paths.

Our Team

At the Hufeland Klinik, we always see people in their entirety, in their unity of body and soul. In addition to competent medical care, we therefore offer a wide range of physical therapies, psychotherapeutic and art-therapeutic procedures.

This requires cooperation on all levels. This is the advantage of a small facility where distances are short and the work of each individual is in demand and important.


The Hufeland Klinik is a family-run clinic founded by Dr. Wolfgang Wöppel and his wife Gabriele in 1985. Dr. Wöppel always managed this clinic with the idea of providing the best possible medical care for everyone.

The management is now in the hands of Gabriele Wöppel and daughter Angelika Wöppel. They have made it their task to continue the Hufeland Klinik in the spirit of its founder.

Contact us

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