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Prevention & Therapy

Welcome to the Hufeland Clinic

What many people feel, and what modern science confirms, has been a lived conviction for us at the HUFELAND Clinic since 1985: body, mind and soul form a unity, a harmonious whole that always acts and reacts as such. Analogous to a computer, a living being such as a human being also consists of hardware and software, with the difference that in a living organism the "user" is also integrated. And although nature has given this system "man" an almost inexhaustible potential of regenerative capacity of individual cells as well as whole organs, it often requires additional support due to constantly increasing external stresses and risks.

Thus, in our prevention offers we help the stressed body to a better functioning of the cells and organs, the exhausted soul we offer rest and relaxation, and the often restless mind balance and focus for a powerful reorientation.

A fasting cure in the Hufeland Clinic primarily serves the cellular as well as the spiritual-emotional regeneration. In the case of special requirements, it can be individually supplemented by biologically meaningful infusions (e.g. for detoxification, strengthening of the immune system, better regeneration, in the case of fatigue, pain conditions, etc.).

Holistic 5-Pillar Concept

The Hufeland philosophy

When prevention is no longer sufficient and the system is already diseased, i.e. medical therapies are required, the support of the body's own defenses and healing powers forms the basis on which necessary medical measures such as surgery, side-effect-rich drugs such as antibiotics, immunosuppressants or chemotherapeutics (including radiation) are tolerated far better in individual cases. 

Patients often come to us because they intuitively feel that their system needs more than guideline-based treatment for their diagnosis. They ask themselves what they can do for themselves and their healing. And they find in the Hufeland Clinic a place where they can come a good deal closer to their goal.

"Holistic therapy does not fight nature, but plans for its healing powers."
Dr. med. Wolfgang Wöppel, founder of the Hufeland Klinik

In the internally managed medical department of the HUFELAND Clinic, we have been treating oncological patients of all cancer stages for decades. But also autoimmune diseases and - recently increasingly - patients with vaccination reactions or persistent post-infectious pain and exhaustion (chronic fatigue syndrome) respond very well to natural immunotherapy.



Chronic diseases

Oncological diseases

Long Covid


Cures & treatments for health promotion

Our cures and treatments for prevention are aimed at health-conscious people who want to analyze and improve their current state of health.


Integrative medicine for cancer

In the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases, we take a holistic approach that focuses on you and your initial situation.

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From the Hufeland Clinic

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