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In and around Bad Mergentheim | Hufeland-Klinik

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Location and leisure

In and around Bad Mergentheim

Bad Mergentheim and the surrounding area have a lot to offer. For this purpose, we have prepared an extensive leisure folder, which is available in every room. In it you will find all the details about opening hours, etc.. Below we have put together a small selection of possible activities for you.



The Main-Tauber-Kreis region is a paradise for hikers. With currently 458 hiking trails, recreational athletes and active vacationers have a large and very varied selection to choose from locally. A total of 389 hiking trails, 23 long-distance trails, 26 pilgrimage trails and 20 others lead through the Main-Tauber-Kreis region and invite you to explore.


In addition to the adventure bike path "Liebliches Taubertal - the classic", there are also routes in the side valleys and on the heights or the bike path "Liebliches Taubertal - the sportive". There, additional muscle power is required.


For our guests who arrive without their own bike, we offer our bike rental service. E-bikes can be rented at the reception or you can store your own bike in our bike cellar.


The Solymar Therme in Bad Mergentheim is a wonderful wellness world with thermal bath, sauna, family pool with two fun slides, sports pool and spa. Relax in six vitality and brine pools filled with warm healing water. Enjoy award-winning sauna culture in the large sauna area including a panorama sauna with a view over the Tauber Valley. Forget the worries of everyday life with a soothing massage in the spa.


Do a few laps, cool off your head or enjoy the sun. The municipal outdoor pools in Bad Mergentheim and in the suburbs are open daily during the summer months until mid-September.


The spa park in the immediate vicinity of the clinic offers you a variety of themed gardens, water features and opportunities for exploration. A picturesque splendor and green oasis on 134,000 square meters.


Small waterfalls, exotic plants and a granite arch bridge represent typical Asian balance. A master gardener from the Japanese twin town of Fuefuki brought this piece of Japan to the eastern spa park in 1996.


on about 1,800 square meters with about 30 different rose varieties and a cozy sky lounger. Just below the Japanese garden, the rose garden invites you to linger. Relax on one of the comfortable benches or stroll among noble roses, English roses, climbing roses and wild perennials. An enchanting composition of fragrance and color. From the rose garden, the small picturesque Rosenbach stream winds its way towards Café Amadeus. On its way, it repeatedly passes through playful little fountain pools. Follow the little stream and use one of the cozy resting corners to read, chat or relax.


A time-out from everyday life is also offered by the separate sound garden behind the Haus des Gastes, where the chirping of birds from the trees combines with meditative sounds to form a perfect symphony.


The medicinal and aromatic herb garden at the Haus des Gastes and next to the Kneipp facility was created by the gardening department of the spa administration with the kind support of Bad Mergentheim pharmacies. The Kneipp philosophy combines the five pillars of water, plants, exercise, nutrition and balance into a holistic approach to healthy living. The medicinal and aromatic herb garden is intended to give visitors an understanding of this "herbal therapy". It is divided into 18 sections and shows, among other things, plants that can be used to treat diseases of the respiratory tract, urinary tract or to prepare antispasmodic, bile flow stimulating, calming as well as laxative, rheumatic or painkillers.


How about a salty-fresh sea breeze in the middle of Bad Mergentheim?

In the graduation pavilion, the brine water from Bad Mergentheim's Paulsquelle spring trickles down native blackthorn twigs and "mists" visitors with fresh, salty air.


Bad Mergentheim's three drinking springs have been used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic disorders for almost 200 years. In the fountain temple in the spa park you can take advantage of their naturally powerful healing effects.


It usually happens in summer. When the sun drives the temperatures up, Sebastian Kneipp is again in high demand. Or at least the Kneipp facility, named after the priest from Swabia. Nothing for cold feet! Here in the Lovely Tauber Valley you will also find several water treading facilities. We have listed the two most beautiful ones below.


If you are looking for active relaxation, the √Ąusser Kurpark is the right place for you. A wide variety of offers provide for play, activity and fun. It is only a few minutes' walk from the clinic! Follow the path through the spa park, past the fountain and water treading pool, and you will reach the outer spa park through a small underpass. In addition, in the Outer Spa Park you can observe which guests are making themselves comfortable in the insect hotel or learn interesting facts about climate change on the climate path. There is much to discover.

  • Gymnastics meadow

  • Barefoot path - Labyrinth

  • Bouleplatz

  • Chess and playing fields

  • Stone ping-pong tables

  • Terrain spa path

  • Volleyball court

  • M√ľller¬ģ TrimmDich course



Look into the beady eyes of the cute raccoon or rather discover the mysterious amber glow in the eye of the owl? In the Bad Mergentheim Wildlife Park, you can get close to the animals - very close, in fact. You will realize this at the latest when you come face to face with what is probably the largest pack of wolves in Europe. You will meet bears, polar foxes, wolves, elks, lynxes, wild cats, birds of prey and many other animals. The interaction of the individual animal species in their different habitats is impressively conveyed. "Back to nature" is the motto.



The vacation landscape "Liebliches Taubertal" from Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Freudenberg am Main is a region rich in culture. Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl already noted during his hike in 1865: "A walk through the Tauber Valley is a walk through German history, is a walk through the old empire". This statement is still valid today. In almost every town, municipality or village you will come across a castle, a palace, a monastery or a garden worth seeing. This can be traced back to the former small states, when counts, princes or noblemen - according to their importance - created the cultural sights that are popularly visited today. Worth seeing are for example the residence castle Bad Mergentheim, the castle Weikersheim and the castle Wertheim as the largest castle complex in Europe.


From a social point of view, religion can be understood as a perspective on life and the world. In churches and monasteries, this perspective takes concrete form in architecture and design. Explore the monasteries & churches of the region, for example the Schlosskirche Bad Mergentheim, the Herrgottskirche in Creglingen, the Stuppacher Madonna or the Bronnbach Monastery.


How about a pleasant evening at the cinema or an open-air theater or concert. The region offers a variety of open air events during the summer months. No matter if you go to the open air cinema in the nearby game park or to the cultural opera in the castle courtyard in Weikersheim. The program is colorful and there is something for every taste, for example the TauberPhilharmonie Weikersheim, the cinema Movies Bad Mergentheim or the Frankenfestspiele Röttingen.


Bad Mergentheim has it all. Residenzschloss, M√ľnster, Milchlingsbrunnen - in Bad Mergentheim there is a sight to discover at every corner. If you want to know the story(s) behind them, simply book a guided tour! On a guided tour of the town you will really get to know Bad Mergentheim. Or would you have known that the statue at the Milchlingsbrunnen actually shows the wrong knight? On each tour you will learn many exciting facts about the history of our town. In addition to facts and dates, our guides also have curious and amusing anecdotes about the people "back in the day".


The city of Bad Mergentheim has a lot to offer. Whether you are invited to an open Sunday, listen to Latin American music at the Kurpark concert or attend a meditation evening. Discover the variety of seasonal events.

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