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Frequently asked questions

All around your stay


We would be pleased to send you our current hygiene concept-Corona.

We will gladly reserve a parking space for you. The parking fee is 3,50‚ā¨ per day. Public parking is available for visitors, e.g. parking lot at Erlenbachweg (approx. 1 minute walk away).

The clinic is about 1.2 km from Bad Mergentheim train station and can then be reached either on foot or by bus / cab. For arrivals during the week in the morning, a pick-up by the clinic can be organized (please arrange in advance).


Monday - Friday from 8:00 to 17:00
Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00
Sunday  from 10:00 to 13:00
Opening hours of our reception

Should you arrive at different times, please inform us in advance. In this case, please report on arrival on the 3rd floor in the medical department (if necessary via the bell at the entrance door).

You are welcome to settle your bill on departure the day before, so that you can also depart regardless of the opening hours of the reception.

We accept cash and card payment. Please note that there is a 4% fee when paying by credit card.

The visitor's tax is a municipal fee to the spa administration, which is levied on all overnight stays. This amounts to 2.95‚ā¨ per overnight stay in Bad Mergentheim. In return, you will receive a "guest card". This allows you free or reduced admission to municipal services and offers.

Room & on site

You will find a detailed overview of the equipment of our different room categories here.

  • Comfortable clothing, e.g. a jogging suit for treatments and exercise

  • Bathrobe, swimwear, slippers for Kneipp treatments and visit to the Solymar Spa Bad Mergentheim

  • Water bottle for water dispenser (preferably glass, optional to borrow) / a thermos for teas

  • Weatherproof clothing, sturdy shoes for excursions in the surrounding area or outdoor exercise activities

  • relevant medical examination results

Yes, we have a fitness room, which offers cardio equipment as well as a multi-functional cable pulley and dumbbells. Otherwise, the surrounding area offers many different possibilities for outdoor activities - we have a comprehensive leisure guide with our recommendations for you.

Towels are provided in your room (for your use in the room as well as for the treatments). Bath towels for visiting the spa can also be borrowed.

A washing machine and a dryer are available for a fee (3x1‚ā¨ per wash).

You are welcome to borrow an e-bike for your bike tour (with bike helmet and lock).

¬Ĺ day 15 ‚ā¨
1 day 25 ‚ā¨

You can find more about this on our Page about leisure and activities.


Therapeutic fasting according to Dr. Buchinger at the Hufeland Klinik Bad Mergentheim is not a zero diet. 200 - 300 kilocalories are consumed daily - in the form of fasting juices and a fasting vegetable broth, which is always freshly cooked. In addition, the consumption of herbal teas and water is allowed.

In the case of alkaline fasting, on the other hand, three delicious meals a day are on the menu. The alkaline fasting cure promotes vegetables from a side dish to the main course and thus relieves the body. In addition there is each quantity water without carbonic acid and/or diluted herbal tea. Alkaline fasting involves abstaining from acid-forming foods with the aim of restoring the acid-base balance to a healthy equilibrium.

Yes. As a participant in a fasting cure at the Hufeland Klinik, you will receive medical care, starting with an intake interview. Depending on the fasting arrangement and your personal situation, we will also draw up a blood count. As a clinic equipped for internal medicine, we also have the possibility of further diagnostics, e.g. ECG and ultrasound examinations. If you have any pre-existing conditions (e.g. diabetes or high blood pressure), you will be monitored more closely. In any case, our medical team is available to you at any time should you experience side effects or discomfort during our fasting program.

In case of medical emergencies, medical staff is available to you around the clock (accessible at night via an emergency bell). A doctor is on stand-by duty.

Fasting according to Dr. Buchinger can be done alone or in a group at the Hufeland Clinic. Our experience has shown that the positive fasting experience is enhanced by the sense of community in a group. That is why we specifically offer group appointments (courses start on Saturdays).

However, you are also welcome to book your fasting stay separately from the group offers (flexible choice of dates).

Despite all the advantages, fasting can be dangerous in the case of serious underlying diseases (e.g. heart disease, kidney disease, epilepsy and eating disorders). Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and adolescents should also not fast. For this reason, you will receive a medical history form from us with your registration, in which we can identify risk factors and, if necessary, offer you an alternative to fasting. We are also happy to hold a telephone consultation in advance to clarify any questions.

A fasting cure in our clinic is particularly suitable for first-time fasters, as they are supervised throughout by our fasting leaders and medical team.

The optimal duration of fasting is individual. We recommend a fasting duration of at least one week. Longer stays are also possible, depending on the effects that want to be achieved. We also attach great importance to the subsequent build-up days and therefore also take care of you during this stage of the fast.

Fasting once or twice a year is certainly recommended. More often than 3 months for 7 days is not recommended.

Yes, the bowels are cleansed of toxins, which can otherwise lead to side effects (such as headaches and hunger pangs) and, in the worst case, to re-intoxication of the body.

In our clinic we drain with Glauber's salt. The ideal amount of Glauber's salt for you will be determined together with the fasting instructor during the introductory consultation. After that, every two days we recommend a colon cleansing with enemas or the colon hydrotherapy we offer.

Alkaline fasting

Alkaline fasting is a mild form of fasting and therefore suitable for almost everyone, the indications for alkaline fasting are very similar to those for fasting.

With alkaline fasting there is basically no limit. We recommend a 1-3 week alkaline fasting cure.

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