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Hufeland cure for the prevention of burnout | Hufeland-Klinik

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Burnout cure

Hufeland cure for the prevention of burnout

Burnout is a disease that can be specifically prevented. In addition to exercise, avoiding stress, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and relaxation techniques, other measures can help prevent burnout. Hufeland Klinik has designed a special 14-day cure to prevent burnout, which is designed to activate various regenerative processes in the body.

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Your burnout cure

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Prevent burnout & exhaustion

With the preventive cure from Hufeland

In addition to the specific services listed for the preventive cure, you can also participate in the general offers of our clinic (e.g. sports and exercise offers, meditations, mindfulness training, lectures, group sessions of painting therapy, topic-specific group discussions - in each case according to the current offer).

  • 14 nights (arrival day is flexible)
  • Optional whole food or alkaline (vegan) diet
  • Detailed doctor's consultation
  • Medical discharge interview
  • 3 individual psychotherapeutic sessions
  • 2x work on the clay field
  • 4 physical therapies
  • 2 individually tailored infusions (e.g. "Fatigue" or "Burnout")
  • 10x oxygen multi-step therapy according to Ardenne (SMT)
  • Individually perceivable offers such as (laughing) yoga, dancing, singing
  • 4 vouchers for the Solymartherme

Extension week

The extension week additionally includes:

  • 1 individual psychotherapeutic session
  • 1x work on the clay field
  • 2 physical therapies
  • 1 individually tailored infusion (e.g. "fatigue" or "burn-out")
  • 5x oxygen multi-step therapy according to Ardenne (SMT)
  • 2 vouchers for the Solymartherme

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