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Hyperthermia, moderate whole-body hyperthermia | Hufeland-Klinik

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In contrast to active healing fever treatment, in which the patient's entire immune system is stimulated into an active immune response, passive whole-body hyperthermia focuses on strengthening effects. We use moderate whole-body hyperthermia, on the one hand, in chronic inflammatory diseases to activate the metabolism, increase enzyme activity in the body (serves, among other things, to purify the blood and cells), and to strengthen healthy immune defenses. In oncological diseases, whole-body hyperthermia usually serves to intensify the effect of simultaneous cytoreductive measures (directed against tumor cells). During the two hours that the patient spends under constant supervision in the Heckel bed, the body temperature usually rises to 39.5 °C, but sometimes to well over 40 °C. The patient's blood temperature is lowered and the patient's blood pressure is reduced. Apart from lowered blood pressure values, which can often be eliminated by administering fluids (infusions), this is an effective treatment with very few side effects.

Depending on the individual case, we also combine moderate whole-body hyperthermia with fever-inducing mistletoe administration at the Hufeland Clinic. Here, analogous to the active healing fever treatment - but gentler than this - the patient's immune system is stimulated beforehand, whereupon a moderate increase in body temperature occurs. The subsequent whole-body hyperthermia (usually on the following day) reinforces the effect of mistletoe administration, so that in this context we speak of semi-active hyperthermia. Moderate whole-body hyperthermia is also an integral part of our holistic therapy concept for chronic inflammatory diseases such as Lyme disease, post or long COVID syndrome, and rheumatic diseases. Oncothermia® is a form of treatment that directly focuses on tumors and metastases in oncological diseases. In the process, approximately 44 °C (111 °F) is reached in the tumor area - hardly noticeable to the patient. In this way, the effect of chemotherapy, antibody treatment, endocrine therapy or even high-dose naturopathic medications such as artemisinin or curcumin can be intensified. An advantage here is the harmlessness of Oncothermie® to healthy tissues, often an advantage over conventional radiation, and we often see a halt or decrease in tumor growth with intensive treatment during the inpatient course.

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