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Fasting cure I effective therapeutic component | Hufeland-Klinik

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Fasting cure

We see the benefit of therapeutic fasting not only in the pure prevention of clinically "healthy", but also recommend fasting in the Hufeland Clinic as an effective therapeutic component in the treatment of chronic and oncological diseases. Thus it worked satisfactorily for some onkologischen patients for example to chamfer before the administration of a chemotherapy 36 hours and up to 24 hours afterwards, since thereby both the effectiveness and the compatibility of the chemotherapy can be clearly improved. This was shown, among other things, in a study conducted by the Charité Berlin in 2018 in patients with breast and ovarian cancer. Here, however, it is very important to always see the overall picture of the patient in his or her respective situation in each individual case and to carefully examine the indication for fasting on the part of the doctor. Therefore, we like to integrate therapeutic fasting into our 5-pillar therapy concept.

Furthermore, we see fasting as a useful additional measure in the tumor-free interval after surgery and generally in an adjuvant situation (for secondary prophylaxis in the case of remission of a tumor disease).

Therapeutic fasting is also suitable for metabolic support during intensive, naturopathically oriented anti-inflammatory therapy, for example in many "rheumatic" diseases, Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

There are first experiences and indications that therapeutic fasting also has positive influences in the context of a Long Covid therapy.

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