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"The disease itself is not alive - but the person who receives a diagnosis is."

Over 35 years of HUFELAND Clinic - on the basis of this experience, we have been able to retain much that is tried and tested in our range of therapies, but we have also been allowed to abandon some things because they have proven to be insufficiently effective or to have many side effects, such as photodynamic therapy (PDT), amygdalin infusions (Leatrile), or the administration of chemotherapy and glucose during hypoglycemia (so-called insulin-potentiated therapy). 

And we have learned that the temporal synchronization of individual therapeutic measures, both in the prevention and in the treatment of diseases, can be more important for the overall success than any individual measure, no matter how plausible in theory. This is also the reason why we still consider a treatment phase of at least three to four weeks to be necessary for our patients at the beginning, depending on the individual case.

Basically, we distinguish therapies against something (almost all conventional drugs are "blockers") from naturopathic measures that use and improve the patient's resources. These are able to support the organism to the extent that the necessary balance can be achieved.

Since many natural remedies have only a low bioavailability when applied orally or reach the target area only in insufficient concentration, intravenous infusions as well as injections are often indispensable. This is true for preventive measures as well as for the intensive treatments of our patients with rheumatic diseases, post/long-COVID syndrome or advanced oncological diseases.

Prof. Dr. med. U. Sahin (he is Professor of Experimental Oncology and founder of Biontech) has been researching individualized vaccines against colorectal cancer for years. He pointed out in a recent interview that colorectal cancer cells from patients differ in their genetic characteristics by 97%. This once again underscores the need to see and treat the individual as a singularity rather than an artificially defined, abstract disease entity.

If then the focus of the therapy is on strengthening the body's own resources and self-healing powers, this opens up the possibility for the individual to both overcome the disease as such, or at least to control it, and to better tolerate the side effects of some necessary conventional therapies.

Please see the following listing and explanation of our therapy offerings based on this guiding principle.


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