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We very often find the causes of emotional stress in childhood, in marriage, at work. In the process, our own needs and feelings are blocked and suppressed, until at some point we realize that it is not we ourselves who determine our lives, but others. And so, not infrequently, depression, feelings of guilt, feelings of being overwhelmed, despair and hopelessness arise - a severe mental stress that is often not even conscious, but which paralyzes the immune system and opens the door to illness.

Le Shan, Bernie Siegel, Simonton, Lermer and many other authors have impressively pointed out the connection between mental disorders and the development of a tumor. A doctor or a psychotherapist can only give suggestions and show ways; the patient has to walk the ways himself. However, psychotherapy in the broader sense also involves the patient informing himself; here, for example, self-help groups can be a first port of call.

Even if you are convinced that mental problems do not play a role in your life, we would like to invite you to take advantage of our wide range of psychotherapeutic services. Perhaps you will discover uncharted territory that can make your life even more interesting and richer. The aim here is not to "dig up" problems. Rather, our program is designed to help you deal better with your illness and with yourself, using simple tips and techniques. In addition to one-on-one psychological consultations, we use proven psychological therapy approaches such as relaxation techniques, meditation, hypnotherapy and the Bochum Health Training.

We would like to briefly introduce the individual procedures to you at this point:

Individual interviews

In a conversation with our psychologist, Mrs. Weidner, your questions and problems will be discussed in an informal way. You can take stock of your situation or clear your mind to make room for new courage to face life.

Relaxation techniques

These procedures are efficient means of reducing stress, stabilizing the psyche and supporting the healing process. In both individual and group therapy, we work with the proven relaxation methods "autogenic training" according to Schultz, "progressive muscle relaxation" according to Jacobson, "breath relaxation", as well as "fantasy journeys".


The essence of meditation has been described so impressively by Bernie Siegel in his book "Prognosis Hope" that we would like to quote him here:

Someone once said, "Praying is talking, meditating is listening." Indeed, in this method, one can temporarily forget the pressures and distractions of everyday life and thereby become aware of other things - our deep thoughts, feelings, products of our unconscious, the peace of pure consciousness, and spiritual awareness.

There are many ways to achieve this state. Some meditation teachers recommend focusing on a symbolic sound or word (mantra) or on a single image, candle flame, or visual symbol (mandala). Others focus on the relaxed flow of the breath or close themselves off from the thoughts that flicker on the surface. In the end, all methods always accomplish the same thing: A deep peaceful emptiness or trance that strengthens the mind, which is now freed from the usual chaos.

At the Hufeland Klinik we offer various meditation techniques such as breathing meditation or metta meditation (so-called "loving kindness meditation"), which are practiced individually or in groups.


With the help of the therapist, an attempt is made to achieve an altered state of consciousness known as a "trance." Hypnotherapy is used to access the unconscious and activate unused inner sources of power and the "inner healer." At the same time, new ideas and possible solutions to problems and questions can be stimulated - you decide for yourself what you want to accept and use. We offer hypnotherapy in individual sessions as well as in groups.

Bochum Health Training

This holistic training program was developed in 1982 at the Ruhr University in Bochum, based on the findings of the SIMONTON training. The training includes learning relaxation exercises as well as guided imaginations and visualization exercises. Furthermore, vitalizing activities such as dancing, painting and singing are of importance. This mental support is intended to strengthen the immune system and thus increase the chances of healing or improve the patient's quality of life.

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