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Effect of mistletoe therapy at oncological diseases | Hufeland-Klinik

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Mistletoe therapy

Mistletoe Therapy & the Christian Rose (Helleborus Niger)

The treatment of chronic inflammatory as well as oncological diseases has so far been carried out almost exclusively with drugs that reduce the activity of our immune system in general or at a specific site. Immunosuppressants and cytostatics consequently have a lasting negative effect on our immune system, which not infrequently leads to complications in the course of treatment and to a deterioration in the patient's general condition and quality of life.

Mistletoe preparations as well as homeopathic preparations of the Christmas rose (Helleborus niger) stimulate the immune system non-specifically, strengthen the interaction of the cells and can ensure that the general readiness for defense and the functions of our immunocompetent cells are maintained. Under supportive treatment with mistletoe and/or Christmas rose preparations, we often observe fewer side effects of immunosuppressive or cytostatic treatment as well as less complicative courses. Patients experience a significantly improved general well-being and better quality of life during treatment.

Certain mistletoe preparations also contain substances that can trigger a fever reaction in the organism. In some situations we also use this fever-inducing mistletoe administration in combination with moderate whole-body hyperthermia in order to "train" and thus strengthen the immune system even better. Analogous to the Active Healing Fever Treatment (see there), we often see a more favorable course of disease in our patients in the long term with this type of gentle immune training.

Whether and, if so, which mistletoe or Christmas rose preparations can be usefully employed depends on the situation in the specific individual case, but can usually be clarified in advance of an inpatient hospital stay.

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