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Physical therapy

We also like to call the physical department our "energy department", because physical therapies are excellent for improving the vegetative reaction state in general.

They affect the connective tissue and the psyche. Disturbing factors and blockages are removed so that the body is relieved and can help itself again. They also stimulate the various detoxification possibilities via the liver, kidneys and intestines, the metabolism is activated and the internal environment is improved. Learn more about the individual procedures here.


"Brainlight" is a good method for relaxation and self-influence. The best effect with the Brainlight is achieved in a lying, comfortable posture and in a pleasant, quiet environment. As before meditation or similar relaxation exercises, first take a few moments to breathe deeply and evenly. Close your eyes after putting on the light goggles, perceiving the light pulses through your closed eyelids. Observe attentively every inner movement, but do not judge. Let the thoughts flow.

Many patients observe that after a Brainlight session they can perform everyday activities with much more calm and care than would have been their habit. During this exercise, they have access to images, ideas and symbols that come directly from the subconscious. That is why the Brainlight is especially suitable for visualization (creation of pictorial ideas) and for positive self-programming. The subconscious mind does not distinguish between reality and fantasy world.

You can imagine, for example, how your disease focus(s) are flooded by the healing light impulses you perceive, and thus normalized or eliminated; there are no limits to your imagination. In this way you learn to understand the symbols and messages of your soul and, on the other hand, to give the soul healing impulses that have a beneficial effect on the whole body and on pathological changes.

When is Brainlight application unfortunately not possible?

  • in the case of epilepsy or a tendency to epileptic seizures

  • with migraine

  • after brain surgery

  • in case of sensitivity to light

  • in case of severe indisposition

  • with hyperthyroidism or very strong nervousness

Autohormone therapy according to Prof. E. Schliephake

Autohormone therapy was developed by Erwin Schliephake, a renowned professor of physical therapy at the University of W├╝rzburg. Schliephake, who had completed additional studies in electronics and colloid chemistry in addition to his medical studies, found that short-wave flooding of the diencephalon led to measurable changes in the blood.

When he first succeeded in curing a patient with a brain tumor by shortwave flooding in 1934, this method was further investigated and refined. In publications he describes his method and numerous cases of successful cancer treatments

What is Autohormone Therapy?

AHT does not use currents, but electrical oscillations that follow special laws and almost take on the properties of optical waves. The oscillations are generated between 2 capacitor plates (the so-called "Schliephake electrodes"). The tissue located in the capacitor field is heated due to biophysical interactions in the molecular range, depending on the dose, and is thus better supplied with blood.

The vegetative centers of the diencephalon (pituitary gland, hypothalamus) are flooded with vibrations of this type, which are, however, dosed in such a way that no stronger heat sensation occurs, since these are responsible, among other things, for the regulation of the entire hormone balance.

The flooding apparently causes an improvement or normalization of the vegetative regulation system, which is severely disturbed in many patients. This in turn has close relations with the body's immune system, which is also positively influenced by this treatment.

Color light therapy

Color - an island for the soul

"In general (...) color is a means of exerting a direct influence on the soul." W. Kandinsky

For some patients we prescribe color therapy. We would like to give you some information herewith, so that you know what the purpose of this treatment is. How do you feel when everything outside is gray in gray, the sky is covered with rain clouds and dense fog narrows your view? On the other hand, how do you feel when, for example, in spring the sun is shining and nature shines in all its colors? Just the thought of a colorful spring landscape can make your soul freer.

Without a doubt, colors and light have special powers for us humans that can influence our moods. Often we don't even perceive how we are influenced by light and color - just think of advertising, which knows how to use them brilliantly.

"Colors can repair the potholes of the soul that overwork or stress have torn," says Prof. Brost, a recognized expert in this field. So let your soul be caressed for once and enjoy the healing effect of color, light and meditative music.

HiToP® 182

We use the pain therapy device of the company gbo Medizintechnik AG for the local application of the innovative high tone therapy. The HiToP® 182 uses two channels so that pain therapy and whole body vitalization are possible in separate treatments.

We have had good experience with it for various indications, especially as a supportive pain therapy, for vitalization and mobilization as well as in the whole body treatment for blockage solution and for the elimination of a regulation rigidity the high tone therapy is used. The treatment is free of side effects.

Kneipp therapy

After Pastor Kneipp visited Bad Mergentheim several times at the end of the 19th century and treated patients in the front, old house of our clinic together with his close friend at that time, Dr. St├╝tzle, it is a pleasure and honor for us to be able to continue this historical tradition at least in part.

His fundamental thoughts are still an integral part of the naturopathic treatment concept of our clinic today. Pastor Kneipp's holistic approach, which aims to harmonize body, mind and spirit, is more modern today than ever before.

Today, Kneipp therapy is considered a classic natural healing method, which aims to achieve self-healing by strengthening resistance and inner balance.

The 5 pillars of Kneipp therapy

Although the water cure is the best known, it is only one part of the overall concept developed by Pastor Kneipp, which consists of the following 5 pillars that belong together:

  • Hydrotherapy ("water cure")

  • Movement therapy

  • Phytotherapy (treatment with medicinal plants)

  • Nutrition therapy

  • Order therapy

We will deal here only with hydrotherapy. Here, water serves as a mediator of temperature stimuli, through which the nerves of the autonomic nervous system, blood and lymph vessels, muscles and metabolism are stimulated and their function is improved. There are almost always local and general effects. The local effect is stimulation of circulation in the treated area. In addition, internal organs, the circulatory system, the autonomic nervous system and the immune system can be favorably influenced via reflexes.

The whole organism is made more responsive, blood circulation improves as well as metabolism and the whole body is "purified". The treatments developed by Father Kneipp (ablutions, watering, baths, wraps, packs) are characterized by the fact that they can be excellently adapted to the individual condition and state of a patient.

In all Kneipp applications, the important principle must be observed that ablutions or other cold applications must be omitted as long as the body is cold and when the patient is shivering or even freezing! Furthermore, the entire Kneipp therapy must be based on the patient's condition. The weaker a patient, the milder the application must be, because: "Weak stimuli stimulate, strong stimuli can block!"

Magnetic field therapy

This refers to treatment with constant (static) or pulsating magnetic fields with the help of magnets or current-driven magnetic aids (mats, etc.). Sick cells have a reduced voltage compared to healthy ones. Magnetic field therapy induces electricity, which stimulates blood circulation and increases the release of oxygen from the blood to the cells. In this way, they receive an impulse that can accelerate healing processes and increase the body's defenses. In addition, magnetic fields have a relaxing effect on part of the autonomic nervous system, which directs the functions of the internal organs, and raise its threshold of irritation. This can, for example, reduce pain.

History of magnetic field therapy

The magnet probably got its name from the place called Magnesia in present-day western Turkey, where natural magnetic ores were found. Already in ancient China and Egypt, natural magnets were used to cure diseases. Cleopatra is said to have worn a magnetic headband at all times - as is assumed today to treat her headaches. Hippocrates also described cures with magnets. Around 600 BC, magnets were recommended in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, for removing arrowheads.

Paracelsus (1493 / 1541) is considered one of the founders of modern magnetic therapy. He used magnets to treat various diseases - from diarrhea to bleeding - and attributed to magnets the ability to recharge the human vital force. The first scientific work on magnetism and the human body dates back to 1600 and was published by Sir William Gilbert, the personal physician of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Today, probes are directed from outside to the desired location inside the body and diagnoses are made with the help of magnetic fields (magnetic resonance imaging). The influence of electric current and magnetism on bone density was scientifically proven at the beginning of the 20th century. As early as 1830, the Italian Luigi Galvani wrote about the interaction between bone structure and biomechanical-electrical phenomena.


In magnetic field therapy, magnetic coils, magnetic field devices, magnetic pillows, magnetic foils, magnetic rods and other magnetic objects are used for treatment. The magnetic field itself is not perceptible, but due to the stimulation of blood circulation, tingling, a feeling of warmth or palpitations may occur.

Whole-body treatments with devices that generate a pulsating magnetic field usually last between 8 and 30 minutes and can also be performed several times a day. However, they should not be used for more than an hour a day in total, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends. For localized pain, pillows or magnetic bars are also used for 10 to 24 minutes one to three times a day. Local applications can be complementary to whole-body treatment.

Risks and dangers

Magnetic field therapy should not be performed, or only under medical supervision, on patients with electrical implants such as pacemakers or insulin pumps. Caution should also be exercised in cases of hyperthyroidism, cardiac arrhythmias, taking blood-thinning medications, and fever (especially in the elderly).

People with low blood pressure sometimes react to therapy in the initial phase with (especially morning) dizziness. Sensitive people may experience first reactions - a temporary worsening of symptoms - which show that the body is responding to treatment. They either occur only after the first treatment or disappear after two to six weeks. This response can be reduced or bypassed by "creeping in" - slowly increasing the magnetic dose. The older a person is, the weaker the magnetic field used to treat should be. Children up to three years of age are treated with one-third, older children with half the adult dose.

Effects of magnetic field therapy

Magnetic field therapy is not a panacea, but the experience gained in clinics and practices has so far shown the following positive effects:

  • Activation of the metabolism

  • Promotion of blood circulation

  • Better supply of oxygen to the cells

  • Increase of the resistance

  • Stimulation of the self-healing powers

This means especially basic purification and detoxification, regeneration of biochemical processes in the body, accelerated healing of injuries, wounds, scarring after operations. Rheumatic diseases can also be improved. Other therapeutic possibilities include relief of acute and chronic pain, respiratory problems, cramps. The described effects reach up to a harmonization of the nervous system and the mental condition.

In general, magnetic field treatment is well suited for combination with other naturopathic measures such as our immunobiological therapy, which is why - apart from the exclusion criteria mentioned above - it has become another fixed component in our program.

Pneumatic pulsation therapy

Pulsation therapy, also called cupping massage, is used to intensify blood circulation in the tissues and promote lymphatic flow. This has positive effects on metabolism (detoxification) and the immune system. This is caused, among other things, by the pulsating interaction of negative pressure and atmospheric pressure, which causes the tissue to vibrate and activates the cells with the cooperation of the increased capillary blood volume (amount of oxygen!).

Glass bells are mainly used, these glide well on the skin, more rarely silicone bells (for longer punctual applications) or permanent vacuum bells (for classic cupping with variable suction strength).

Due to a very good depth effect, there is also a deep relaxation of the muscles, especially at the muscle attachments, which is hardly possible with manual techniques in this intensity.

The programmed oxygen multi-step therapy (SMT) With the oxygen multi-step therapy we would like to achieve an improvement of the oxygen supply of the organism, a reduction of the metastasis and recurrence rate with cancer illnesses or generally a strengthening of all body-own defense systems.

Multistep therapy consists of 3 important steps:

  • Taking medications that help improve oxygenation and immune status. One of these medications is taken about 1/2 hour before the inhalation begins. Patients at the Hufeland Clinic are already amply supplied with such medications as part of the therapy, so additional intake is not necessary.

  • Continuous inhalation of oxygen for 2 hours at approximately 3/4 liter per minute. Please note that inhalation below 2 hours will not produce the desired effect! Also avoid longer interruptions (more than about 7 minutes).

  • Physical and mental work.

During inhalation, you should do the most strenuous mental work possible e.g. solving puzzles or reading a book, sleeping or relaxation exercises will reduce the effect of inhalation. After the inhalation you should not lie down under any circumstances, but just now you should activate yourself physically for about 30 minutes (take a strenuous walk, climb stairs or similar), as far as your physical condition allows. Your pulse should increase significantly.

Respiratory Biofeedback

The term "respiratory biofeedback" means that life processes - in this case breathing (Latin: respiratio = breathing; English: biofeedback = feedback of life processes) - which normally occur unconsciously in us, can be consciously experienced by means of a technical aid. Your own breathing movements are made visible and audible by a non-contact sensor located above your chest. The signals from the sensor are amplified to a lamp and headphones. You can see, even with your eyes closed, that the lamp becomes lighter and darker in rhythm with your breathing, and you can simultaneously hear the rhythm of your breathing in the headphones as a pleasant organ tone changes accordingly. Important: During this process, you do not do any breathing exercises, but remain completely passive and let your breathing oscillate completely freely; you concentrate, for example, on the formula of autogenic training: "It breathes me."

What does respiratory biofeedback do?

Perhaps you have already noticed that many symptoms of illness are related to inner tension and anxiety. In order to be able to help you, it is especially important to reduce such illness-causing inner tensions. We can achieve this with a variety of methods, one of which is respiratory biofeedback.

Do you have questions about physical therapies?

We are looking forward to your inquiry. We will be happy to answer all your questions about physical therapies.

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